Sunday, September 11, 2011

White-Van-(Wo)man in Training!

I guess this post is what has become known as a "Sunday Summary" but that term kind of makes me shudder! Basically just a collection of photos that I've taken over the last seven-ten days. A little culmination of my obsessive compulsive photograph taking..
Anyway, as you read this I am probably out in the vans at work, being trained how to do the home deliveries for the supermarket I work at! haha

1. Using the cupholders in my dad's brand new car as a rest for the plants I bought..
2. ..for my terrarium! (He was not pleased with me by the way! haha)
3. The beautiful view from my window one day! Actually gorgeous. 
4. Visiting a warehouse space that I could potentially exhibit work in, in Vauxhall.
5. My mum made me a wolf cushion.. haha!
6. Checking on my fishy because I've left him with my house-mate for a weak or so!
7. I baked some bread because I wanted to test out our oven and try and make something tasty.
8. Ohh, and burning my hand whilst cooking said bread.


  1. thanks arabella! i've just taken a look at your blog - it's absolutely awesome, i'm a new follower! thanks for the taking the time to comment! xx


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