Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Regular Jewels!

I've wanted to show you these things for a while.. these are my favourite rings, that I wear virtually every day.. and I think they're all beautiful, and completely precious to me.
I made a decision recently to stop wearing awful, cheap jewellery that turned my fingers green and to invest in lovely, good quality pieces that I would be able to wear for a long time, and cherish, and hopefully mean something to me. 
The oldest one is the blue oval, which I got about a year ago now? Maybe less, from a carboot sale. Although this one, and the one on my right hand, made up of triangles of shell and mother-of-pearl, didn't mean a great deal to me, they were beautiful finds, and didn't cost more than £7 put together. The blue one was £5 and is plated silver - with a stone of indeterminate nature, haha. The other was £2, and I think is also silver plated, although it bears no hallmark, which makes me think it isn't. It's some kind of silver metal, at least.

The other two on my ring finger, however, are the most meaningful. (This isn't the best picture of the rings, below, but I apologise for the icky cut on my hand - the pleasures of working with knives, eh?) 
The top one was a 21st gift, half from me, half from my mother, from when I went to Italy. It was about twenty euros, but I think it's a wonderful memento of the trip, and a bit different from like, watches and things people get when they turn twenty-one! It's got these lovely little flower-type details, which I think is beautiful, and it looks so nice next to the other one..
Which has a little story to it. My mum found it whilst cleaning out a cupboard, and remembered that my Gran had given it to her, because she didn't wear it. The ring is very similar to an eternity ring my mum wears already, so she said I should have it. I thought it was lovely piece of costume-jewellery, so I had it on straight away, thinking that it was sad it was so grey and tarnished. But then I bought a silver-cloth, and gave it a little polish and it came all off, and my dad told me that they were sapphires and diamonds! So I was so impressed and have been paranoid about it ever since!
Shortly after writing this post, my mum comes back from a funeral of her aunts, I guess my great-aunt - I met her when I was younger and she was this lovely woman, and I am a quite sad that I didn't know her better. I've kind of made a little resolution to get to know my family better. Anyway, my mum got given some of her jewellery, and she passed on one of them to me - it's absolutely gorgeous, and really unique, take a look;
It has this sort of bow/cross design in the middle and all these swirls around it, and the metal is kind of crimped, which I've never really seen before, and gives it an interesting shine in the light. Unfortunately it's a little bit big for me (it only fits securely on my thumb!) so I'm going to see if I can get it reduced at a shop or something. 

What pieces do you wear every day? Show me, I'd love to see! 


  1. I love your rings, it's great when there's a story behind them! I always wear a pearl on a gold chain, one of my mum's friend's gave it to her for me when I was a baby.. :)

  2. Ah, see that's such a lovely thing! I think it makes the piece so much more pretty if there's a bit of a story behind it, don't you? Thanks for taking the time to read my waffle, I love your blog! x


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