Saturday, August 06, 2011


Hey guys! I wanted to give you guys a quick update of what I've been doing in a super speedy post because I have work in half an hour. I have moved out! But I was back the next day. Our lease for the house started August 1st, so I moved a bunch of stuff in and spent the night there, and made it all homely and junk, but because we don't get internet there until next Wednesday, I've been staying at home. I have a few extra shifts at work and want to get the most of seeing my friends before they head back to uni! I'm only half an hour max away from home, so I can luckily flick back and forth between the two. Besides that, I popped to the shops today and bought a few things, but I thought I would show you some pictures of my room, and a lovely nail varnish I picked up today!

OPI Stranger Tides
I think this is from the Pirates of the Carribbean movie collection? Which makes me hate it because I despise those films, BUT this colour is beautifulll. It's the perfect 'me' shade, and also the colour I want to paint my bedroom at home. I can see me wearing this an AWFUL lot! haha. 
Hope you guys are alright! Now I must dash or I'll be late for my shift. ):


  1. i love your wall decor :)

    i just found your blog btw, it's lovely! you have a new follower :)


  2. Your room looks really nice :) I love the nail polish colour too! x

  3. oh, thankyou guys! i'm glad you like my new room (: xxx


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