Monday, July 25, 2011

Fantasy worlds, and going back to school!

Ah, I have so much I need to write about! I still haven't had a chance to show you some pictures from my holiday. The week I arrived home, I had to work at my job all week, and then this week just gone, I've been teaching at my old school all week! I'm so very tired now! I have this week to return to normality, before I move into my university house on August 1st! So it's all been a bit up and down really, and it hasn't felt much like summer - also due to the weather. Whilst I'm here, I thought I'd show you a few pictures I've snapped this week.

Bought some paint samples and painted some swatches! I have these old stripes (about six years old now!) on my wall and I used to love them, but these days I just think they're a bit childish, and I wanted to have my room all nice for when I come home from uni. I'm leaning towards the colour in the bottom right, which is Crown's Mellow Sage, if you're interested!
I've been teaching art to some year sevens! Exhausting work. It's an end of year 'Arts Week' thing, based on a theme of circus, so we did some drawing with them. Some of it was pretty good! 
I helped with another student like me,  who was doing balloon costumes based on the sculptures artwork of Jason Hackenwerth which was really fun. This is me trying to squeeze into the kids costumes! Haha.  
 However, the kids left me completely freaking exhausted!
 Apart from that, this week I'm going to hopefully devour the 3rd instalment of the A Song of Fire & Ice book! 
I've been trying to grow my fringe out and it's finally long enough to tie up in a ponytail! Getting there! This was taken after a six hour shift, so please don't judge me too harshly! Haha.

It feels like it's been a seriously long week! I need my rest now, so I'm going to stick a Harry Potter film on (I'm thinking Goblet of Fire!) and get some rest. Hope you're all well!

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