Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tiger's are my spirit animal..

Quick outfit post for you today! I went to Longleat at Easter with some friends because I had a sneaky discount and we wanted a little Easter break. It was quite nice, wandered around Bath a bit, had a lovely time. And I bought an amazing shirt. For five english pounds. I couldn't believe my luck. I bought it super big so I could wear it like a dress, and I do.
I don't look myself in these pictures, I'm not sure why that is, haha. I look a bit like a demon. Sorry for the awful lighting! I tried editing them a bit, but I just looked more and more strange! Here's the graphic on the shirt;
You can't really see but theres a black leopard under my hair! Snow Leopards and and Tigers are my ABSOLUTE favourite (hence, my blog title!) so I was in love. I've been wearing it with my Primark boots, but now it's getting warmer again, I may have to put these away. We shall see! Hope you en joy my silly taste in clothes..!

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