Sunday, April 03, 2011


It has been FOREVER since I have posted, I am so sorry! I have been having a rather hectic time at university. I had a month or so where I was really panicking about whether I was doing the right course and now I'm feeling better about it, I've realised how behind I am and I'm trying to catch up.. Bit of a bad cycle. And then, I've just paid the deposit on my house for next year, so I'm spending all my money on second-hand table-ware and things for my new house, and neglecting beauty a tad.. However.. I got my hair dyed yesterday. If you follow me on twitter you'd have seen me tweeting about this all day, but I loved it so much! I got my hair ombred! I don't even dye my own hair with packet dye, I'm that paranoid about it, so there was no way I was doing this myself, but there are tutorials online about it, and I don't think it's that hard. Now that it's done, I think I could lighten it up myself, because the ends aren't that light, really. I'd see, haha.

The first picture is of it yesterday, and the second is of it today. My hairdresser friend had curled my hair yesterday, and I couldn't really get an accurate picture of it until today. LLYMLRS tells you to just "rub it in" which is pretty much how my hairdresser did it. She sectioned off the top bit of my hair, and did the bottom first, and backcombed the hair before applying it upwards, rubbing it in. I also had my roots darkened a teensy bit, and she applied a tiny bit of the brown dye over the ends *right* before she washed it off, so it made the bleach less orange!
I reallllly love it! Like I said, she darkened the bleach a little bit more than I would've liked, but I didn't want it to go to orange, and it was leaning that way (I have a lot of coppery/red tones in my hair, as you can probably see). Next time I'd probably get the very ends lightened again, because I'd want them slightly lighter.. But I really love it!< Here's a picture from the front, and you can see how it fades;
(Excuse the geeky shirt!)
And just for fun, here is my hair after curling it! My friend used the Cloud nine O's! which were amazing! I need them, now The big ones weren't so good on my hair, the 40mm ones gave the best curls, definitely. Sadly, we worked out that altogether it would cost £300+, so for now, it remains a dream..
'Scuse the scabby lipstick, I'd had it on for a few hours by that point, and eaten and drank and such. 
Hope you like this! I'll try and post more..


  1. Your hair looks beautiful like this! And you really pull of the red lipstick! xxx

  2. Welcome back :)

    Loving your hair - you look gorgeous. Looks so pretty curly!


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