Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Carboot Sale Treasures

I got home from the carboot sale I went to the other day, when I realised that I never posted about the last one that I went too! I got some wonderful bits of jewelery that I've been wearing quite a lot. So I thought I would do some kind of bumper post, especially after being inspired by Zoe's post about what jewellery you can find at carboot's & in charity shops! Which is pretty fantastic. 
I can't really tell you how much these were individually, because I just got from a stall where I collected a giant handful of everything I liked, and they charged me about £2-3 for the whole lot, which you've got to admit, is fairly excellent. 
The green triangles I call my Quality Street earrings, 'cause I'm a dork. 
The rings I wear on a daily basis, and the bracelet needs a few links replacing, so when I get on that, I'll be wearing it!
Just quick shots of me wearing some of them. The white enamel earrings are my absolute favourite, I wear them so much. They look really excellent with a slightly more dressy outfit, or to dress up a t-shirt and leggings. They're really good quality, too. 
The giant 'pearl' and gold ones are clip on's, and although they make me look a bit Pat Butcher, they make me laugh. I haven't really worn them much cause they hurt a little bit, just around the house to keep me amused. 
This is what I bought on Sunday! I didn't really find as many earrings, which upset me, but hey, I can cope. I can remember what some of this cost:
The silver ring on the far left: £4. For real silver, it's not too bad! 
The silver owl brooch: £2. So gorgeous.
The colourful owl: I think about £3-4? There was an entire stall selling just owl-related stuff! It was amazing.
And the choker at the bottom cost me £2. 
The other things I just picked up because they looked cute. The other silver ring with adjustable band is a mood ring! I didn't realise at the time because my hands were so cold, so it didn't change colour, but I'm fascinated by them! Haha. The earrings were just sort of cute, and the sovereign ring, although tacky, looks pretty cool. 
I picked up the choker because it looked so similar to the bracelet I bought before!
The bracelet is on the left, the necklace on the right. Like I said, the bracelet is missing a few links, and the choker missing a clasp, but I'm gonna pick them up next time I go to Hobby Craft or somewhere, and wear them together!
This was the silver ring, it's absolutely gorgeous. It's actually too big for me, but it doesn't stop me from wearing it. I am in love with the shiny blue glass stone. Along with the white earrings, they're the best thing I've managed to find!
Also realised the best way to store my jewellery is in bowls and plates, so I picked up this little gold enamel bowl for 50p to keep my rings in!
I also picked up a cheeky Polaroid camera for a fiver, so I'm hoping it works! Need to hunt down some film on eBay. (:  I hope that was interesting! Do you guys go to charity shops or carboot sales? Let me know if you pick up any bargains. (:
Also I was thinking of having a little blog-sale, would anyone be interested?


  1. jeez you find some good stuff at carboots, that owl brooch is adorable! I went to one and it was just full of old toys :/ x

  2. Some gorgeous finds! I don't think I'd ever find anything like that near me.
    Love the owls, there's something so sweet about them :)

  3. These are so lovely. The main rule about blog sales is if they're good, people will buy. x hivennn. p.s enter my vintage double camera giveaway?

  4. Forever 21 are selling earrings almost exactly like those pearl ones! Great find, yours look much nicer. xoxo


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