Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Uncia & Tigris

You might have opened your lovely little dashboard and spied a post from a strange name, there, and you might be wondering who the hell that is, I don't remember following some Latin chick?
Well, you might have forgotten you followed me, but short-term memory-loss is something you should see your doctor about. 
Infact, I have renamed my blog to the rather more scientific sounding;

Uncia and Tigris

I wanted to change my Twitter name, and I like to have them matching? Maybe that's just me.. If any of you are interested in the Latin behind the name, it's a corruption of the Latin Scientific names for my two favourite animals; the snow leopard, and the tiger: uncia uncia, and panthera tigris.
Uncia means 'ounce' and tigris means 'arrow'. So you could look at it like Ounce and Arrow, if you like! 
If it becomes a really big problem, I might consider changing it back, I just felt that "To Paris, Tonight" felt very childish, and twee, and this suits me much more! 
Sorry for any confusion, caused.

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