Friday, December 31, 2010

A little bit in love.

I don't remember how I came upon it (possibly via milkteef?) but I found the website of Galibardy. It was love at first site, really. I spotted one little piece (the ramskull ring) and new that I simply HAD to get it for a friend for Christmas, as she has a great love for skeletons and skulls, and in particular, ramskulls and such.
And then I spotted my wonderful dinosaur, which I blogged about the other day, and I knew I had to buy things from this site.
I perused it, thoroughly, realising I would be making several purchases from here, in time to come! I definitely have my eye on a few rings. The majority of the pieces are well priced, and I'm absolutely in lust with them. The ones in the 'Boutique' section are fantastic also, just a little pricier, and made of a better quality material, I think.
If this is your thing, don't forget the mens section! Some of that is amazing! I picked out my favourites, for you.
vintage key / gold miniature skull / ramskull
stag skull / paper planes / rose skull
beetle / forest stag / roaring tiger

T-Rex, £45
Ram Skull, £14
Me with my t-rex, and my friend wearing her ring just before Christmas!

I wasn't sponsored by them or anything to make this post, I just want to let you lot know about a wonderful website.

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  1. wauw wauw wauw that's awesome!! That T-rex is just too cool, I need to get one asap :) thanks for sharing!! You've got a very nice blog btw :)

    Happy New Year!



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