Friday, December 31, 2010

A little bit in love.

I don't remember how I came upon it (possibly via milkteef?) but I found the website of Galibardy. It was love at first site, really. I spotted one little piece (the ramskull ring) and new that I simply HAD to get it for a friend for Christmas, as she has a great love for skeletons and skulls, and in particular, ramskulls and such.
And then I spotted my wonderful dinosaur, which I blogged about the other day, and I knew I had to buy things from this site.
I perused it, thoroughly, realising I would be making several purchases from here, in time to come! I definitely have my eye on a few rings. The majority of the pieces are well priced, and I'm absolutely in lust with them. The ones in the 'Boutique' section are fantastic also, just a little pricier, and made of a better quality material, I think.
If this is your thing, don't forget the mens section! Some of that is amazing! I picked out my favourites, for you.
vintage key / gold miniature skull / ramskull
stag skull / paper planes / rose skull
beetle / forest stag / roaring tiger

T-Rex, £45
Ram Skull, £14
Me with my t-rex, and my friend wearing her ring just before Christmas!

I wasn't sponsored by them or anything to make this post, I just want to let you lot know about a wonderful website.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Essie Knockout Pout Nail Polish Review

Recently, the lovely Kelanjo had a blogsale, and being the eager eyed bargain hunter that I am, I managed to pick up three Essie polishes for £12. All were barely used at all, and I'm not really picky about buying things like that, so I was veryyy excited to get these in the post!

(Knockout Pout is the one in the middle.)

This is the one that I wasn't as sure about as the others, so I'm getting it out of the way now. You all know my love for greens, and I do have a certain penchant for corals, but pinks? Bright, barbie pinks? They just don't really jump out to me. I feel a bit chavvy in them, in all honesty! Especially a hot pink or a baby pink. They just seem so.. common? Haha. A touch of grey in there and I'm sold, on both counts, but generally, we can say that I'm not a fan.
So anyway, this is the last one I tried on out of the three, and in the bottle, yeah, it looks okay. On the fingers, I have to say, I was completely, pleasantly surprised.

Don't get me wrong, it is VERY pink. Blindingly so (we could even say, a knockout - queue cymbal crash). But because it's so washed out, so pale, and with a teeeeny hint of Haute as Hello's coral tone in there, it's good. I can work with that colour!

With a flash, it reminds me of China Glaze Pool Party's younger sister, which I quite love, because sometimes, Flip-Flop is just TOO bright.
The formula is also quite nice. Pretty Edgy was the clear winner of the bunch, by at least a mile, but the other two are okay, too. They're quite milky, so you need a few coats to build up the colour, but generally, I didn't really have any problems with Knockout Pout.
If I was to see this in a shop, I would give it such a wide berth, but because I got this by chance, really (I just wanted the other two), I ended up finding something that's okay, if a bit Barbie-ish. Price-wise, they're usually quite pricey, around £8-£10, I think, for each one? I got all three for £12, so I think that's a smashing deal, but you can find them on eBay and such! Oh, and just to throw this in there, I do really like the packaging, haha.

Price: 4/5 
Packaging: 5/5 
Colour: 3/5 
Formula: 3/5 
Overall: 3/5 
Would I buy this product again? If I'm honest, no. It's an interesting colour, just not really my thing!

Clare Marie

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Uncia & Tigris

You might have opened your lovely little dashboard and spied a post from a strange name, there, and you might be wondering who the hell that is, I don't remember following some Latin chick?
Well, you might have forgotten you followed me, but short-term memory-loss is something you should see your doctor about. 
Infact, I have renamed my blog to the rather more scientific sounding;

Uncia and Tigris

I wanted to change my Twitter name, and I like to have them matching? Maybe that's just me.. If any of you are interested in the Latin behind the name, it's a corruption of the Latin Scientific names for my two favourite animals; the snow leopard, and the tiger: uncia uncia, and panthera tigris.
Uncia means 'ounce' and tigris means 'arrow'. So you could look at it like Ounce and Arrow, if you like! 
If it becomes a really big problem, I might consider changing it back, I just felt that "To Paris, Tonight" felt very childish, and twee, and this suits me much more! 
Sorry for any confusion, caused.

And he shall be my T-Rex, and I shall name him..

So, my lovely little followers, this is what you call regular blogging! Quite intriguing, don't you think. Anyway, this is what I wore Christmas day (and boxing day, cheekyy). I got some lovely new bits and pieces for Christmas, so thought I might show you them.
I know I look a little bit silly, but I really like this photo! I thought I looked quite good for a change, haha. Anyway, HOW great is my lipstick? This isn't really an accurate description of the colour, so if you want a proper post on it, let me know! It's Corrupt by Illamasqua, and it's super bright pink. Not like fuschia-pink, more a paler hot pink. It's hard to describe but it's excellent!
I know my eyeshadow is a little bit smudgy but I'd worn this all day, whilst shopping during the sales! Haha. Here I am wearing my shiny shiny new Illamasqua Liquid Metal in Surge, which was also a lovely Christmas present from my Grandma. I wore it with an eyeshadow over the top and with a base but it did unfortunately crease. It's very liquidy, so I might have to leave the top off for a bit to let it dry out, haha.

This may be my new favourite jumper in existence. I picked it out, from Marks and Spencers, from the mens section, and I got it for Christmas. It's this beautiful, amazingly cozy beige cable jumper. They're not even that expensive. I know the pictures on the M&S website look very cheesy, but I like that I can pull this down long enough to wear it just over leggings, or stick a £3 H&M skirt on underneath... Lovely lovely stuff. And very useful for cold days at uni!
Also, I genuinely cannot recommend men's jumpers enough! A much much nicer fit than womens ones, which are always cropped and fitted and shit. Horrid! Haha.
(ALSO, doesn't my wall on the left of me look pretty awesome? I redid it with new photos and such not long ago!)

And finally, my most excellent present of all, which I adore. My Galibardy Dinosaur necklace. It is amazing, and I've wanted it ever since I laid eye on it. I'm going to do a whole post about Galibardy but let me just say.. they have some AMAZING pieces. Everyone has commented on it, and it's just excellent. One of those quirky jewellery piecs that I just love. He definitely needs a name now. I'm thinking something like Trevor. Who knows, I will take any suggestions!

Not gonna lie, thought I look quite stylish that day. Haha, if only you could see me now, in my stretched out primark jumper and pj pants, with my hair all greasy and eating chocolate orange in bed at 5AM cause my sleeping pattern is fucked! hahah.

Anyway, I hope you don't think this is bragging or showing off or anything, just thought I'd show you where to find some wonderful things that I love already. (:
What did you guys get for Christmas?!

Clare Marie

(Under the jump is a list, of everything I used on my face, just in case you fancy such things!)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The weather outside is frightful..

I won't lie, I am AWFUL at updating this thing, recently! I'm going to try and get lots written before i start uni again, I am SO sorry.
Anyway, how was everyones Christmas? I hope you all had a lovely day, and got some lovely bits and bobs!

(My favourite picture of our Christmas tree is still this one from last year.)

I got a great little lot from my parents and relatives and friends.
How does everyone feel about Christmas gift posts? Theres a coupla bits I wanna show you guys cause I think you'd like them? But don't want to seem like I'm showing off! If anyone comments that they wanna see, I will do one. (:

Anyway, below are a few Christmassy photos I took!