Thursday, November 04, 2010

Scraping the car and getting frostbite simultaneously?

Is anyone really craving Christmas yet? I've been wearing hats and scarves and I just bought a coat.. and I just really want my Christmas break and some time to just chill. Ah.Well.. October is almost over.. which means November and then soon... Sigh. Soon, soon, soon..

1. We had a real tree in our house last year, because my mum FINALLY decided we were old enough (my youngest brother is 16!) to not pull all the needles off the branches, which apparently we did one year when we were little.. I loved it, anyway.
2. Snow. Snow, snow. snow. It makes everything prettier.
3. That kind of bleak, overcast sky with naked trees that I love.
4. Making snowmen with good friends.
5. Chilling out at home and feeling all Christmassy. I just want some time off uni, already!
6. The amazing food my mum cooks and makes. This is white & dark peppermint chocolate with candy-cane pieces in.. she makes other fantastic stuff, too.
7. Isn't this just awesome?! Haha

Clare Marie

(All pictures are mine, please don't use without permission!)


  1. Hi Clare Marie!

    I totally understand the excitement for christmas.

    Just appreciate your Uni breaks! this is my first year without one.. and I'm missing it already! There's not big chunk of time off to look forward to.

    Can't wait for the food!

  2. I usually love Christmas but this year I wish I was a hedgehog so I could hibernate and wake up in Spring! I really want to hide away from the bad weather and Christmas preparation. Hopefully my mood will pick up soon:)


  3. Sometimes I love christmas and sometime I wish there were only tons of presents and nothing more :)
    but I think this year I like it :D and I´m really looking forward to it :D

  4. mm i'm tooo excited for christmas, that candy cane and chocolate thing looks so delish :)

  5. @linnea: oh gosh, i am using this winter break to its full extent! i've been sleeping SO much, haha. i'm talking, sleeping in until 2/3PM in the afternoon! unfortunately, i had work yesterday at 7AM and IT WAS HORRID, oh gosh. also, i have gained 100lbs. xx

    @freja: oh god, now i WISH i could be a hedgehog. ): x

    @annierama: i think i was the latter one, this year! I genuinely didn't look forward to it that much, unfortunately! i was just excited to sleep an awful lot! x

    @hurricanes12: it is the BEST THING ever. if you want t make it, search for "peppermint bark recipies" - it's basically just melted chocolate, but it'll tell you how to do it! x


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