Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Forget eBay..

This weekend just gone, I had a rare day off on a sunday. This is rare because.. well I work sundays. so I don't really get this opportunity! I spent the morning at a verrrry cold car boot sale with my friend from uni.. anyway, I'm going to do a different post about what I bought and found and thoughts, etc, but I was inspired to see what kind of cheap jewellery pieces I could find online! I thought I'd share what I found for you for fairly cheap. If you're unaware of the website Etsy, I suggest you get on that, because have some excellent rings and brooches, in particular!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Angels on Bare Skin: Review

I need to fill you in briefly, if you will permit me this! I started at university properly this year (I did a foundation which I called university, although it wasn't really), and on my course there is a lovely lady who works at lush!

She's really lovely. A few of us were talking about our skin and products we use, and she was telling us how bad all these things we were using were for us, haha. I don't know how much is true but it's made me want to use more natural skin products, because i've always been a fan of very chemical-based stuff. So I've scrapped my old skin routine, as it didn't seem to be doing much for me! And started upon a new, scaled back one. I'm only using three products, and one is a makeup remover!

Angels on Bare Skin, £5.50 for 100g
"This simple ancient blend if ingredients is a worldwide best seller. It improves the texture and health of all skin. The complexion is smooth, toned and even. Cleanse your skin with this delicate balance of Almonds, Kaolin and soothing essential oils. Take a small piece of cleanser and mix with water in your hand to create Almond Milk. Massage gently into clean skin then rinse away with warm water."

That's what Lush say, anyway! I'll explain what I think and how I've been using it. First, I make sure I've removed as much makeup with a liquid makeup remover as possible, and give my face a quick wash with warm water. I take a little chunk of the product - the video on the website says you only need a little bit. I take about a chewing-gum sized piece, and rub it in my hands a little, to warm it up. I then rub it lightly over my forehead, cheeks and chin. Once it's mostly distributed, i get my hands really wet and massage it in, giving my skin a good cleanse and exfoliate. The product goes milky when it's starting to cleanse, and I like that.

It's a gritty product, without feeling too rough on your skin, with chunks of lavender in, which give it that amazing, almond-lavender milky smell. It's really nice. The texture give it just enough substance to make it useful as an exfoliator and a cleanser, which is really good, I don't feel like I have to use two products. It seems to get right down in my pores, too. I wanted this because it says it improves the texture of the skin, which is something I always worry about, especially closer to winter, and I think it's doing that. My skin looks healthier, despite seeing little improvement in my breakouts!

Generally, I really love this. I think I'm prone to have breakouts all my life, sadly, but it's definitely improving the smoothness of my skin, and makes it look more awake. The price-tag is MORE than acceptable, I think. £5.50 for 100g may seem like a lot, but you only need a tiny bit each day, I've barely made a dent and I've been using it for just over a week now, every day! However, personally, I wish that Lush put a little bit more effort into their packaging - but I understand that they're all about the environment, which I appreciate!

Price: 5/5 
Packaging: 4/5 
Product: 4/5 
Overall: 5/5 
Would I buy this product again?: I will evaluate this when I'm out of it, but I think I might!
Have you tried anything new, recently, have you had good results? Let me know, lovelies!

Clare Marie

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Carpark After Dark

There are lots of things I dislike about winter. But there are an awful lot I adore. I was walking back to my car the other day after uni, it was just after the clocks had changed, and I didn't notice how late it was. When I got outside there was this weird, coolish weird, and the sky was all blue, but all the lights were on.. It was kind of eery, but I liked it. Then I got in my car and turned the heaters up and the music on and was all cozy again. It was a strange moment, and I took a few pictures.

I hope these dark nights are treating you well!

Clare Marie

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Scraping the car and getting frostbite simultaneously?

Is anyone really craving Christmas yet? I've been wearing hats and scarves and I just bought a coat.. and I just really want my Christmas break and some time to just chill. Ah.Well.. October is almost over.. which means November and then soon... Sigh. Soon, soon, soon..

1. We had a real tree in our house last year, because my mum FINALLY decided we were old enough (my youngest brother is 16!) to not pull all the needles off the branches, which apparently we did one year when we were little.. I loved it, anyway.
2. Snow. Snow, snow. snow. It makes everything prettier.
3. That kind of bleak, overcast sky with naked trees that I love.
4. Making snowmen with good friends.
5. Chilling out at home and feeling all Christmassy. I just want some time off uni, already!
6. The amazing food my mum cooks and makes. This is white & dark peppermint chocolate with candy-cane pieces in.. she makes other fantastic stuff, too.
7. Isn't this just awesome?! Haha

Clare Marie

(All pictures are mine, please don't use without permission!)