Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Very Own Wanderlist

I was inspired by this post by Sofia's Journal, who was inspired by Sending Postcards own wanderlist. The idea of this is "to inspire wanderlust". And whilst that may sound incredibly cheesy, "wanderlust" is one of my favourite words and concepts.
Here we go, things I want to do in my life. If I get even a third of these completed, I'd die happy.

Take pictures from the top of the Empire State building.
Travel around New Zealand and go to Milford Sound.

Go to Scotland.
See elephants swimming.

Visit Paris in the autumn.
Take a picture next to a sign saying County Clare in Ireland.

Climb the Eiffel Tower.
Go shopping in New York at Christmas.

Go to Boston.
See the palace of Versailles.

Go on a cruise.
See the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco.

Have tea at the Ritz.
Play with lion cubs or see snow-leopard cubs in person.

Visit Italy, again.
Visit Longleat Safari Park.

See a tiger in the wild.
Visit the Rocky Mountains, Yosemite National Park, or the Grand Canyon in America.

See the Parthenon.
See Chateau de Pierrefonds.

Writing this has made me all itchy to go travelling. I must check my savings.. haha. Have you done one of these? Or do you have a similar thing? Tell me about it!


  1. ive done a couple of these but wow... i NEED to go and see some swimming elephants now! this is such a good idea for a post :) i might have to do one myself! <33

  2. hey,
    well, i have done a couple of things on your list,
    the pretty picture form italy is in florence, isnt it? i think i've a picture like that myself,
    well anyways, good luck with that list!

  3. I've gone up the eiffel tower... it isn't as great as it seems! You expect something amazing after all those steps and you're so breathless, and in the end it's just a view that makes you feel like your falling :/
    I've also seen been to the palace of versailles. That was definitely worth it. It was beautiful!!
    But you certainly added a couple of things to my list! I wanna go swimming with elephants now :)

  4. these photos are all great and your dreams are very close to mine!! ;)

  5. lovely. paris is on my list of places to visit next xo

  6. gosh, these photos are stunning! i'm also now itching to get travelling and see these amazing places :)

  7. this is an amazing wanderlist!! mind if i link it somewhere in a post sometime soon?

  8. like your "wanderlist" a lot :)
    i've seen the palace of versailles,it is stonning :) i think that "Take a picture next to a sign saying County Clare in Ireland." is a great idea :)


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