Monday, October 18, 2010

"Hi, babies have fingernails. FINGERNAILS."

Just a quick one from me today!
I recently just remembered I owned this nail-polish, and it's pretty gorgeous! This is 303 Bright Purple from Barry M.
If you're wondering what it looks like in person, think about the colour of the bottles of Vimto! It's pretty much a perfect match, haha, I compared once.
I've been wearing it with China Glaze's Agent Orange on my toes.

What are your recent fingers & toes combos?

(PS, sorry about the title! haha. I watched Juno the other week.)


  1. Ultimate favourite BarryM x

  2. Fingers:Pure White by H&M
    Toes:Gold by Barry M

    Very pretty colour indeed :D

  3. that nail polish is gorgeous, i love it.
    i have a bit of a weird combo going on, i have light pink on the toes, black on the fingers at the moment.


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