Friday, October 01, 2010

Friday Favourites!

I've seen these a lot but never really bothered to do one myself, so I thought I'd et you know what I've been into this month.

I got back into my old, Wes Anderson habit, and I've been watching a bunch of his old movies. And a couple of chick-flicks thrown in for good measure. As you'll see below, I recently read The Devil Wears Prada book, and it made me really want to watch the film again! I adore Anne Hathaway in whatever capacity!

I've been trying to read a lot recently. This is an older picture, so these weren't all read this month, but I finished The Devil Wears Prada, Sybil, Breakfast at Tiffany's and In Her Shoes this month! Pretty great going, for someone that struggles to sit down and concentrate these days! I definitely recommend both In Her Shoes & The Devil Wears Prada, because though they're probably a bit on the trashy side, they're genuinely good reads. If you want any in-depth reviews of these books, let me know. (:

I got this for my birthday, and it's recently been my favourite. On first smell, it's very summery and light, but I think it kind of carries over into autumn, and I really like that.

Nail Varnish
I've been a big fan of Barry M polishes, recently, and hese are the only ones I've been liking on my nails: I'm lacking serious nail inspiration! The red is perfect for crisp autumn days, and the purples brighten up all the rain in my life!

New Necklaces
I bought both these pieces on a whim the other night, the one on the left is from ASOS and the one on the right from This Charming Girl which is an awesome website with some lovely jewellery, I definitely recoomend. Unfortunately, the ASOS pendant chain has tarnished after only a couple of days wear, so I think i'm going to put it on a rope or something, cause I really like the charm. And the TCG necklace is a litttttle on the shorter side, so I'm hunting for a more appropriate chain. But I loveee the little Artemis-esque cameo. I love a bit of mythology.


  1. Lovely post! I love those nail colours, perfect for this time of year x

  2. I'd love a book review on The Devil wears Prada! x

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