Thursday, September 09, 2010

Smells like Autumn.

I start my degree on Monday and I'm pretty much just desperate to start already! I need a bit of something new in my life, and a fresh-start, or something.
And then I was on Tumblr the other day and saw this picture and I was like YES. This is what I want. I want hats and scarves and boots and autumn.

So I bought myself some boots and I dug out my scarves and I am looking forwad to being able to wear them. And this picture generally just emulates what I'm into for this Winter. I did a little hunting on my favourite websites, New Look, River Island, Dorothy Perkins, ASOS (I cannot WAIT until H&M open their online store!).

I'm totally buying into the whole chunky socks and boots trend, too, I want to hit up River Island and buy me some. The heeled boots with aviator-style-fluff are from New Look and I want them so badly. I just can't think where I would wear them, and as a five-ten girl, I don't really need boots like this, haha. So I compensated and bought
the black boots in the bottom left, courtesy of River Island. They were only £40 and thought they would be useful for winter times and slogging about uni. I definitely want a big fairisle-style scarf, like the black and white River Island one or the grey New Look one in the bottom left. I also really want a parka. I'll have to see about that one.
In conclusion, it has rained all day and I want to start at uni already! Going to check out my friends halls down at Maidstone tomorrow, hoping this will get me all geared up for it. (:
What are you wearing this winter? Show me!


  1. Those boots are fab...I'm craving some flat black ankle boots after seeing this girl's only slouchy ankle boots are beige, suede puddle-dodgers!

    T x

  2. omg, I love the white, blue & red scarf...where's it from?
    my winter outfits are usually quite boring - i have a grey trench coat that takes over pretty much every outfit :( may have to invest in some chunky knits instead. xo

  3. @tabitha bluebell: ohh, i'm still hunting for the perfect slouchy ones! I have fat ankles so it's hard to find some that slouch well! haha xx

    @pandora: it's from river island!
    mine are, usually, too! generally just try and keep myself as warm as possible! haha, going to invest in some cute jumpers and such, too!

    @marguerite n: i know. ): unfortunately i cannot find the perfect one for a suitable price. ):

    @siberia: definitely! very weather-appropriate! xx


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