Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hilhairious. (This is the best, worst pun I could think of!)

Hello everyone!
Sorry if my posts seem a bit sporadic at the moment, I just started uni this week and it's been a bit of a mad rush during the day and then collapsing when I come home.. and it's only Tuesday! haha. I think my blog may be a bit empty over the coming weeks, whilst I'm getting myself settled in, but please don't be put off! I will be back! I just need to get everything prioritised and then I'll be fine!
In other news, I am desperately missing my long hair! I was going through and deleting old photo-booth pictures (i hadn't deleted any siance I got my computer, two and a half years ago!) and WOW I forgot how long my hair was, not that long ago. I was convinced by my hair-dresser that I wanted it shorter, but now I want it really long again. Look at that first one! Damn. I want to be able to put it in a really long plait.
So I think I'm going to let it grow out again. My hair grows like a weed so it shouldn't be too hard!
For reference, this is where it's up too at the moment. (I know this is silly picture, but my eyes wouldn't focus because I was sleepy and I looked crazy if I looked at the lens!)

How are you all my lovelies?! I can't believe I'm getting on for 270 followers! It's insane. Thank-you, allllll of you! (:


  1. I prefer your hair wavy (3rd pic).. it suits you..
    but also your current hairstyle is really nice :-)

  2. I always think I want to grow my hair, until I actually do, & then I remember why I cut it!

    My favourite picture is actually the most current one :p

    Congratulations on the followers :) I've lost a few recently, due to my lack of posting I'm assuming. Yep, rubbishest blogger ever over here! Oh well..


  3. It looks lovely! I'm trying to grown mine too, think it's a bit shorter than yours at the moment. Hopefully it wont take too long! I'm good thank you love, how are you? xxx

  4. Lucky you that yours grows quickly, mine is a slowwwww process!!
    Looks gorgeous the way it is though, suits you.


  5. I love the loose, wavy, tousled look !! your hair right now looks cute!!


  6. Hi!
    I gave you an award.. :)

  7. I love them! You are so sweet in any case.
    Oh and ongratulations on the followers.

  8. Very pretty hair girl!
    Nice to meet u! I'm italian girl who loves make-up.
    I hope that u visit my blog http://www.mademoisellecc.blogspot.com/
    See u soon

  9. Don't worry about the long hair, you look so pretty with it short as well!


  10. Your hair looks so pretty like this! :)

  11. same happened to me 2 years ago and my hair still isn't that long :((
    www.furkills.blogspot.com , have a look at my blog :)

  12. I love your blog, really good!!! Please check mine:) www.abitofeverything-nicoline.blogspot.com

  13. @siberia: aw well thankyou! and thanks for the award darling! xxx

    @heartshapedbruise: yeahhh i'll more than likely get to this stage shortly, haha, but i'll let it grow over christmas, and get it cut when it gets warm again, I think! xx

    @lydia: i'm very well, thanks doll (: hope you are too! xxx

    @kelly: a lot of people complain that their's doesn't grow quick enough, but mine is like a weeeed. haha. you are very lovely. (: xx

    @lily: haha, thankyou! this is my hair all natural-like! x

    @anna, karolina, CC: thanks for all the compliments! you're giving me a big head! haha xx

    @stefi elina: this happened to my friend, she says it doesn't grow past a certain point anymore :S mine never stopppps haha. xx


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