Sunday, August 15, 2010

Primark Rings and Other Things...

...and how I could be in the Sound of Music.I'm joking. I've also never seen that movie all the way through. But that is beside the point.
Yesterday I went into Reading to see the loveeeeely Miss Rachel. Even WITH the decidedly awful weather, we had a nice wander around the shops, a lunch that was eaten outside, precariously, under Pret a Manger's awning, lots of gossip and laughs, and we even trekked it up to Primark, which was an effort because of the rainnnnn.
But they have redone Reading Primark! I am quite impressed. It looks 1000x better than it used to. If you've ever been to that one, it always looks a bit of a mess. So I'm quite glad that they've done it, because they don't have those silly tower things where they fold clothes on anymore, and they've sorted out the jewelery section so that actually HAVE a good one now..and that is where I picked these babies up!

These are awesome! I've generally never really bought any jewellery from Primark because I've just never found anything that I really like. Then recently I've found loads of stuff I like. I bought an awesome pair of owl-earrings the other day which I'll show you at some point, and I got the snake ring in the top right at the same time..Buttt
t I got the rabbit, the bee/bug, and the ball. They look kind of funny lying down like this, and I realised this when I was editing the pictures, so here is a Photobooth picture, to show you what they look like on..
I loveee these. They were all £2 each! That's a right bargain. And I'm a sucker for anything animal themed. However, I have learnt my lesson all too well with cheap jewelery, so when I got them home, I immeditaely painted the inside of the bands with clear nail-varnish, and this will protect the metal from tarnishing as quickly and will stop your fingers from turning green! Which is really handy. I love the one of the bug in particular even my mum was like, "Clare. These are so weird." Haha, I don't think she understands me sometimes.

I also realised the other night that I have no like.. 'traditional' nail varnishes. I have loads of blues and greens and purples and things, but very few reds or pinks or corals, so I wanted to expand on that by buying a deep, vampy red. And I got a damn perfect one!
This is Barry M's Wine Red. And it's gorgeousss. I had to do a little clean up on my index finger and it stained it a little bit, but it's a beautiful vampish red jelly. It's a little lighter than the bottle, but if you layer it up it gets darker. But I demand you all go out and get it because it's beautiful and I just had to take it off because I have work tomorrow and that makes me sad.

And it's late now and I have to go to bed now or I won't wake up in time for work and then my manager will be angry and I could lose my job. Fun stuff!


  1. I am obsessed with rings, but in America is not easy at all to find cute rings at cheap prices.

  2. i love your nail color. :) i wonder if barry m nail polish is available here.

    <3, Mimi

  3. primark are doing some really nice rings atm im very impressed - i think i have blogged about a few on my blog lol xx

  4. I feel the need to tell you that I've also never seen 'The Sound Of Music' - I feel like I have to be honest, because you just sort of grow up knowing about it & hearing about it, & I suppose I've seen enough clips of it to convince me that I've seen it, but I actually haven't. Anyway..!

    As you may well know, I'm a BIG fan of rings. I love 'statement' rings, & actually, animal jewellery is one of my favourite things of the moment too, so yes, I'm a fan of your new rings! Lovely stuff :)

    I'm the same as you when it comes to nail varnish - I have about a million colours, various shades of blue & turquoise & purple & whatever else, but just classic red? Nope.
    Good purchase, it looks great on you. I don't think I could pull it off, I dunno why!

  5. Love the ring!!! Such a bargain! I really want the deer one! The polish looks great on you, I don't think I could pull that off though :( Really great blog!

    Im following

    follow back please?

    thanks :)

    -Fia <3

  6. LOVE that nail colour! That's going onto my wish list :)

  7. I have the rabbit. Its so cute on!

  8. Oh my gosh they have a bee ring now?!?! I need it in my life! xx

  9. Nice rings :)
    new post on


  10. @Pao: Aw, I'm sorry! Do you have a H&M or a Topshop near you? They always have cute rings for a couple of pounds!

    @Mimi: Whereabouts are you..? I'm fairly certain Barry M ships to the states...? On their website it says they ship to "most countries around the world" so I think you might be able to?

    @Jade: Yes, it was you & someone else who I don't remember posting about the rabbit ring that made me want to go have a look at them!

    @heartshapedbruise: it only occured to mneas I was writing this post that I've never seen it! I've seen clips and that, even sung bits of it in a musical at school, but never actually watched it all the way through, either. oh well, i don't really think i'm missing out! haha.
    I've lost a bit of weight recently and suddenly my fingers have got much skinnier! Haha it's weird, i didn't think my fingers were ever fat, but apparently they were, and I've been buying loads of big, animal-themed rings, haha.
    I think you could! I feel like a bit of a vampire wearing it, but it's excellent!

    @Louise: I adoreee it! It wears really well, too! I wore it for three days with no chips, just nail growth! (: xx

    @Lauren Ellingham: I loveee it! People keep on asking me where I got it from and I'm like, Oh... primark. Haha. Love it. xx

    @Hannah: It's so adorable, right! I feel like it doesn't look really cheap, either? Good investment, I think! xx

  11. OMG i love your nail varnish!!!!! love it!
    And i have that snake ring from primark too :))

  12. Very pretty colour! I blogged about some gorgeous ones (bright red/coral and pink) from Armani - wore them all summer!

  13. @jazza: haha, thanks, i am loving primark rings at the moment! so weird haha x

    @cafe bellini: ooh, they're really pretty colours! x

    @blondie: i say in the post that's its barry m wine red.


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