Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Particularly chuffed. Oh, my wit.

Still in the midst of my blogging drought, I'm afraid! Computer is still being fixed, but I know whats wrong with it, and it's costing me shocking £495 to fix it! It's literally tear-inducing. Unfortunately, I've kinda learned this is what you get with Mac's, and as much I as I adore them and their products, they're ridiculously sensitive machines, and it costs a bomb to fix them. People have told me I'm crazy to pay that much for it to be fixed.. But when you think that the cheapest MacBook you can buy (not comparable to mine) is around £800, it's more understandale. Then pair that with the fact it has two years worth of work on it.. that I can't really replace! So kids, look after them, they do go wrong!

Anyway! I'm still making do with my parents computer, but as I can't get access to my camera software and things like that, it makes posting fairly awful! However, I did manage this sneaky snap with my iPhone, which has a blessedly good camera!
My older brother came home from a six-week journey across the states which I am ridiculously jealous of, but he brought my back a little present..

Isn't it lovely?! It's like a nicer version of You Don't Know Jacques by OPI, a lighter, creamier, better formula version.. I am fully in love with this colour. If YDKJ looks like wet clay, this looks like Galaxy chocolate. I adore it and I am so grateful for my brother for getting it for me! I also got a little sample of some lovely mascara and a little bit of eye-makeup remover! Gotta love the brother. (:
I hope everyone did really well in their GCSE's and A-Level's by the way! My younger brother did excellent in his GCSE's and is going to do some ridiculous A-Level's now! So glad I'm not doing that stuff! Haha.
Hope you're all well and normal blogging will commence shortly..? Sigh! Who knows?


  1. Lovely! Channel has the best colour quality nail polish, good choice girl!

    Cheers, B & Liv
    B L I V B O O K: darling&diva ♥

  2. Wow that's certainly a nice brother you've got there!

    Hope your computer gets all sorted soon :/ Nightmare!


  3. hey lovely! great blog. i can't wait to put some money aside to buy particuliere! no one who's bought it has ever had anything bad to say about it!

    Monica xx

  4. wow i love this!:)xx
    i need this in my life,phaha.

  5. I want your brother to be my brother!!! xD


  6. @blivbook: the quality of the polish is definitely very good! x

    @heartshapedbruise: i know! haha when he left (about six weeks ago) he asked if there was anything i wanted and i said, but i didn't think he would remember! such a nice boy. (: and i got my computer back today! it works now & he even cleaned it for me! (: it was a proper nightmare. xxx

    @monica, @irene: haha it issss gorgeous! if you don't want to splash out though, i recommend you don't know jacques by opi cause it is VERY similar, just a smidgen darker and a less smooth formula! but i do adore it!

    @andrea: haha i will tell him! he definitely didn't understand why i wanted it, or why i was so chuffed when he showed me, lol, bless him. xx

  7. Mmm it's beatiful, but I prefer Over the taupe by OPI. Do you know it? :)

  8. hi, great post!

    following you :)

    welcome to enjoy and follow at

    <3 Anika

  9. @marguerite: yeah, i can't get that wear i live, and i heard it's a lighter version of particuliere, and i'm happy with this and you don't know jacques! much prefer the chanel formula, too! x

    @anika: thanks! x


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