Monday, June 28, 2010

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I just read a blog by someone I went to college with moaning about summer. 690 words complaining about how they hated the summer. Hated children in summer. Hated adults in summer. Hated driving in summer. Hated shopping in summer. Hated leaving the house in summer.

God. Really? Be grateful you don't live with depression or seasonal-affective -disorder, why don't you.

live for summer. Sunshine works absolute wonders. I didn't realise until recently how much something like the sunlight effects me, and how much of a different person I am in the winter. I love Autumn with a passion, honestly. There is nothing I like better than cold walks with my dad and coloured leaves and fires burning and rain. But by the time the days shorten, I feel like my personality leaks away.
I don't want to do anything, my mood drops considerably. There's the typical winter-blues, but when you physically cannot bring yourself to move, you know there's more to it than that. I dread winter, every year. January and February are my worst months and I don't have good memories about these times. I'm virtually bedridden, some days. The hardest thing is when you never really see the sunlight. You get up and it's dark, you do things all day and it's dark by the time you get home. It's a horrible thing.

Summer is a good thing. Do not underestimate how good the sun can be for you. Yes, it can be bad. But for people like me, it's literally a God send. I love everything about the summer.
So here is a blog to counteract those 690 words of misery, because I need this.

I love the heat. I love sitting outside and just being so overwhelmed by heat, heat, heat. I love the light. God, I adore the light. Getting light at 4AM? It's beautiful.

And the sunset's in summer are intense.

The light is one of the best things by a long shot. The sky seems to take on this amazing quality in the summer. I don't even know, but it makes me feel fantastic.

Clouds are gorgeous. I could write a whole blog about how I love clouds. I won't. But trust me when I tell you how pretty they are. Look up.

If we're talking nature, remember how green everything looks in the summer months. It's got to beat snow or bare trees, right?

The places you visit seem even better in the sunshine. It adds a great colour to all your memories.

Italy was one of the best places I've ever had the privilige of going to.

And whilst we're on the subject of traveling.. you don't even have to leave your own country, god. My dad has a phobia of flying, so my family holidays have always been British-affairs. And I'm okay with that, pretty much. The weather can be bad, but it can be excellent too. Just wake up to it. I love British beaches. They're a staple from my childhood, and it makes everything excellent. Take a trip to the Lake District and go on a boat. Walk up a hill. Go to Oxford or Bath and look at some excellent architecture.

In general, I love cities in the summer. Despite the heat. I like how the heat descends on a city and everything seems to slow down.

love travelling in the summer. It makes me feel like something exciting is going to happen. One of the best things in life, I feel, is having music up loud, driving somewhere, a car full of your friends and the windows down and your hair being blown all over the place. Driving like this, it solves everything.

Here's a good time: get some food in, start your BBQ going, get some wine or fruity drinks and get your friends over. Continue until the sky goes black. Then light candles and carry on.

Cocktails and pub gardens are a must.

So yeah, maybe hot, stinking tube trains suck, maybe screaming children on a trampoline at 7AM next door when you're trying to have a lie-in in August get on my nerves, the 4PM customers on a sunday when we're clearly sold out of anything barbecue related are beyond irritating.. but get over it! There are far too many good things to waste your time complaining about the bad things.
Do not under value your summer, your seasons in general. My bad winters make me appreciate the summer a thousand times more.

Please tell me you like the summer too?
(All pictures are my own.)


  1. Ohh, i LOVE summer! i live for the summer!
    i don't mind winter or spring, but for me, autumn is horrible. i hate everything dying and drying up, and rain, and wind.... :/
    ahh but its summer now, so that's all i'm thinking about! beaches, and countryside, and everything :)
    my blog is all about summer, i'd love it if you could have a look :)
    Olivia x

  2. I love Summer and I'm starting to like Autumn, I never realized how cozy it is in the Autumn in my house, but now I do, so I'm lovin' it!

  3. i love your fotos, what type of camera do you have

  4. @stephanie: some of these are from a long time ago, so i've used a variety of different cameras. most are cheapo point & shoot cameras, the last two of me are with my canon s90 that i use for all my blog pictures, but the cloud ones are using my digital slr - nikon d50. hope this helps.

    and thanks everyone! i am lovingggg the weather we're having atm. sun ftw. xx


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