Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A World of Birds..

I kind of haven't done anything this week.. but I've been busy! Been doing lots of little bits, like popping to the shops with friends and just hanging out with people and trying to fit in going to the gym as much as possible and enjoying the start of my summer! So I thought I would show you a little bit of what i've been up to & share some pictures. (: I went to Birdworld. It's basically just a place near my university that has a lot of exotic birds you can have a look at. And for some reason, I have a thing for birds.. I love them, haha. Except Albatrosses. They freak me out. Anyway, you can buy stuff to feed them and some of them are super friendly, I made friends with a parrot who whenever I made a clicking noise, copied me and I pretty much loved it.

Pirate parrots! I love them and I really want to own one!

I kind of love toucans and so do my friends - their beaks look like their stuck on or something, it's great.

A peacock I made friends with. This was in a bit you could wander about with lots of chickens and turkeys and the peacock liked me, but the turkey tried to attack my friends..I laughed from a safe distance.

A very noisy bird that let us stroke it's head. (:

And me! We went on Monday which was the hottest day of the year so far and oh-my-Gosh I was dying haha. But this picture is because there is the exact same one of me when I'm little in front of that picture, haha.

What are you up to now we're officially into June (by the time I post this anyway)!

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