Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My hair has been annoying me, to say the least, recently. Before we go anywhere, let me give you a little run down of my hair history..

Quite a few years ago now, I used to have a
side parted fringe let's just say it shall we? One of those emo-style comb-overs where your fringe starts far too far over! It was horrible. After that grew that out, I've basically had the same hair ever since, just trimmed occasionally, with sometimes a side fringe cut in.. I didn't really do much with it, straightened it too much, etc etc.
About February of this year I took the plunge and got a full on fringe cut in.. I loved it straight away, to be honest and felt like it suited my face 100x better. So I had that for a bit and then about two months later, I wanted to go darker.. I went
too dark! And when I was getting my fringe trimmed I asked them to do it a bit shorter than before, because my hair grows so quickly. The result was a bit Cleopatra, I suppose. Not what I wanted!
Which brings me to now, about a month later, the hair dye has mostly gone and I'm returning to my natural shade, which I much much prefer. This is my hair as of Saturday night:

I'm starting to think now it's getting pretty ratty looking? I've been a bit scared of losing all my length (it doesn't look that long in these pictures, but it's got very out of hand. Comes down to the middle of my back, give or take? And clearly, my fringe needs a good trim and i'm going to get on that asap, but I'm thinking about getting a couple of inches lopped off and lots of layers put in? Something a bit like one of these;

(images found on asos.com)

I'm scared about going as short as the one on the right, so probably a little bit shorter than the girl on the left.. I hate cutting my hair because I'm terrified about hating it! haha. Opinions, please, followers!


  1. i do love the second pic.
    yes, it is shorter, however it is cuter
    you have to be brave enough dear :)


  2. maybe a trim would be good! but u have pretty hair..

    great blog!!


  3. haha thanks for your opinions guys! really appreciate it. (: xx


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